UK Knife Crime

You will be pleased to know, I am not talking about Brexit in this article. Though it may come into it… Rather the truly sad state of affairs in knife crime. Stop and Search was stopped because according to the PM it is allegedly racist because more black lads get stopped than white lads – despite inescapable crime statistics. How does one go about stopping knife crime and gang warfare? The typical feminist response only furthers the issue as institutional feminism is partly responsible.

I am not going to defend these thugs for their crimes but I do want to offer an explanation which I think is close to the truth and perhaps a way out. Stop and search has to be brought back at least initially, but more fundamental changes are required from the education system to how we deal with offenders and the economy.

Part of the problem for these young lads involved in gang warfare is the lack of prospects and ways out. They may get caught sent to butlins (I mean prison) and few weeks later they are back on the streets. Nothing has changed.

As part of my work as a teaching assistant in a number of schools, there are a few things to note. I have noticed the education system is fundamentally feminist and intrinsically discriminates against boys. For example, in schools you will see a lot of displays of women in business, stem. Feminist perspective to the curriculum from English to History. In conjunction there is a great lack of practical engineering and technology subjects that boys tend to gravitate to. The feminist perspective that permeates the education system is subliminally hurtful to impressionable young lads. I remember sitting with one student in an English class with a rabid feminist of a teacher – it was deeply offensive, but nevertheless I can deal with it especially as I know the beast. Followers of my chronicles and YouTube channel will understand. Young lads who don’t know or understand, how are they going to deal with that kind of subliminal mental trauma?

What is also striking, is the number of boys with additional learning needs (ALN) compared to girls. My personal mission as a Teaching Assistant has always been to encourage and support them mentally and spiritually. Helping them to raise their self esteem.

Thirdly, our economy is fundamentally based round sales and financial services for the cucks in Canary Wharf. The heavy skills based, vocational industries have been greatly reduced – Ship building, fishing fleets etc.., the lack of work in the sector makes young lads, in conjunction with a poor feminist education, virtually unemployable. Where do they turn? Where is the social mobility? Where is the way our? Gangs and drug running therefore becomes the end product of a self-perpetuating cycle.

How do you break the cycle? How do you give these young lads a way out? Brexit gives us the perfect chance to do that. In conjunction with strong policing, it would seem that Trump’s economic strategy has reduced crime, lads who were previously in the shit are now working and have some self-esteem. Now he is hitting education. This was what he was elected upon.

The other aspect to this is lack of a firm father, destroyed by the feminist state, and a lack moral and spiritual guidance. A responsibility that the Church of England has abdicated and lost for one reason or another.


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