Prepare for WTO Brexit

Given the recent events surrounding Brexit; whatever has happened in the past, regarding plans or anything else, is now irrelevant. I am writing because the sheer laziness, lunacy and ill-informed commentaries from our parliamentarians and political journalists is just staggering. Whilst a few are well-meaning, it is high time they were honest with the British public in that WTO Brexit is now the only route left. How many actually know the law they have debated and voted upon? Do we actually elect politicians without a brain? People with no mind and easily manipulatable… party lemmings who just does as they are told. Sad. Allowing us, the people, to be conned, tricked and lied to.

Parliamentary time: – 

Until Brexit day (at the time of writing) there is only 24 sitting days of parliament left, how can a deal not just be agreed but legislated for before the 29th March. The Constitutional Reform and Governance Act gives a minimum of 21 sitting days for parliament to debate the treaty, but also the withdrawal and implementation bill still needs to go through both houses of parliament as well. It would seem there just isn’t time.

As you are aware only statute can override statute

In order to extend article 50 (for whatever reason) primary legislation has to be passed to change the EU withdrawal Act, overriding or delaying the repeal of the 1972 ECA
Is there time? I doubt it!

Even IF the Withdrawal Agreement did pass the initial vote, there isn’t enough time to get it legislated for because the ratification process defined in the Withdrawal Act requires an Act of Parliament.

Customs Union

There has been a lot of talk in recent days about Jeremy Corbyn and the Customs Union. Under Section 18 of the EU Withdrawal Act, I think that plans for customs arrangements have to be tabled by a minister by 31st October 2018, therefore the deadline has passed for any new plans to be tabled?

Also, Section 31 of the Taxation [Cross-Border Trade] Act 2018. Would a Customs Union require a separate act of parliament.

And the backstop unlawful?

In light of the legislation a Customs Union now unlawful, and any deal cannot be ratified due to parliamentary time constraints. The main point, has the clock finished ticking and it is time parliamentarians were honest with themselves and the British public!!!

Update: 14/02/2019

Dominic Grieve asked this very question in House of Commons on Tuesday 12th February expressing the shortness of time. His question was right and to the point. It is as if he has been reading my articles.

I wonder if our Machiavellian Prime Minister has actually been playing a long a game and deliberately producing stuff that is so awful that it won’t get through parliament. Surely, nobody can be that stupid can they? I think MPs and commentators have got it back to front. I think she is running down the clock to WTO terms, not her botched deal as many think. There is no majority in the House of Commons for anything, (which seems to be rather convenient), relying on a Northern Ireland party for the question of the Irish border, again it is rather convenient.

The commons would obviously rule out no deal, and everything else. How do you manoeuvre them into a position that they have no choice but to come along, albeit kicking and screaming like spoilt children? Time. Time is almost up.

Update 22/02/2019

For any treaty to be ratified, twenty-one parliamentary sitting days of debate are required for ratification by the Consitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010. As there are now only twenty sitting days left of parliament before March 29, the deadline has now passed.  There is now no time left to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement.

Update 17/03/2019

After a meaningless week in parliament  – nothing has changed! May’s retched surrender document has been rejected again by parliament. Theoretically, she shouldn’t be allowed to bring it back to parliament within this session of parliament. Erskine May says that anything that has been rejected by the Houses of Parliament cannot be brought back in the same session. Parliament has to be prorogued. Whether John Bercow uphold’s is constitutional duty is another matter…

Whatever one thinks about Brexit, or however you voted, it is clear that trust in parliamentarians is lower than what could ever be imagined, in fact my dog’s poop is more trustworthy. Theresa May has trashed the sacred office of Prime Minister. It will take a lot to restore any form of trust. Peace in our realm has been kept by the ballot box for 400 years, the behaviour of the civil service and parliament is threatening this peace to its very foundations. The one and only silver lining to this process is that it has brought corruption and darkness of the last forty years into the light. May be a “crash out” or “accidental no deal” is what is actually deserved. Out of the ashes, new growth shall spring.


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