Grand Jury for 9/11

I am sure most of us who remember 9/11, remember it vividly such was the evil nature of the attack. I remember coming in from school wanting to watch kids tv and was instead greeted by the BBC and ITV broadcasting about the twin towers. Over the years, listening to the narrative, enough of it made just enough sense not to question too much of it. I remember talking with Americans who were deeply hurt by it and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were clearly seen as revenge. As one gets older and wiser, (allegedly) I have come to question the real motives behind 9/11, particularly in light of recent events with Brexit, Trump, The French Revolution – Gilets Jaunes, and the European Spring as a whole. The one thing they all have in common is revolting against the New World Order (Deep State). Over the years, mainly in the name of Counter-Terrorism, our civil liberties and freedom of speech have been eroded, whilst standards of living has fallen etc…

I mentioned in another article about the General Election campaign of 2015. I went to a hustings the alignment of candidates was Globalist v Localist. LibLabCon vs Grn and UKIP. Both the Green and UKIP candidates, Left and Right, were attacking the same the beast (globalists), just using opposite nomenclature. This is actually more significant than I have ever previously realised. Power v People.

Without wanting to sound like someone wearing a tinfoil hat I am going to share a few ideas. If I am being a complete and utter loon, let me know in the comments section.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11, after seventeen years, have finally managed to secure a hearing with a grand jury. This is great, but just proving the initial report by NIST as utter rubbish on its own is not enough. Their main objective should be not only to prove NIST wrong, but give probability at the very least to the prospect of 9/11 being an inside job. Running with this, hypothetically of course, if it is found probable that 9/11 is an inside job. Questions are who and why?

Tolkien said: “Above all else men desire power” and Arthur Conan-Doyle said: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

Take Tony Blair for example, a man who basically wanted to be dictator of the universe with his sidekick George. W. Bush – New World Order. Personal ambition and greed, so how does one go about securing their NWO. People won’t voluntarily give up freedoms and liberties, unless in a state of war, where people see it as a worthy sacrifice. There has to be threat.

Let’s look at the facts. Since 9/11 freedom of speech has been curtailed by something called political correction. Criticism of Islam is a taboo, rights to bear arms have been curtailed, mass immigration has increased.  Surely, if Islam was truly responsible for 9/11, then obvious thing to do would be to close borders with islamic countries? But no our own freedoms get impeded. Blair and Bush raped the constitutions of their respective countries.

Did 9/11 happen to create fear in the minds of the American people as to allow the government to remove civil liberties without being barraged by 2nd Amendment gunfire? If we don’t do x and y etc… another 9/11 will happen. All the while the supposed conditions for 9/11 and many other jihadist attacks remain unchallenged or protected. Divide and rule, because there is a grave threat of terror we have to take away your rights. All the while the populations of the UK, USA are fighting amongst themselves.

Why? Who benefits? Certainly it is a wonderful excuse to lay waste to the middle-east and nick their oil. Tony Blair became exceedingly rich from it, but also the power. Through this scheme, Blair as a middle-east envoy can tell the American and British governments of a “threat”, “this is what you must do”. Oh look, a few more liberties have gone. Plus a few more innocent people killed.

Blair is of that NWO cabal, that seeks to take power away from our peoples for themselves. Preaching false moral virtues etc… Feminism and Islam are puppets, theoretically they should be enemies, but they not. The whole thing hinges on fear, scaring women of a patriarchy, scaring the population of Jihadists – all smoke and mirrors whilst are economies are thrown down and our freedoms taken away. The moanstream media, who probably get a cut of this blood money, reinforce the ideals of the NWO.  The BBC reported that WTC 7 had collapsed whilst it was still standing in live-feed… WTC 7 collapsed 20 mins later, when it hadn’t even been hit by a plane. All the other buildings stood firm… How did the BBC know? It is clear they had advanced warning from somewhere, but from who?

The purpose of 9/11 was to give “reality” to an imaginary, or non-existent, threat. The purpose is power and control, as it always been throughout human history.

What is the outcome of grand jury likely to be? Who knows? If there is a case to answer, what then? Who takes the rap? Can it proven it is an inside job? The above is just my suspicions, and I believe it to be an inside job? But it doesn’t prove anything beyond reasonable doubt. Just a few musings…


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