Brexit stuff….

What a shambles! The competence of our institutions is laid bare – in fact the ability of our institutions to negotiate and be honest with the British public can be directly related to the ability of a eunuch to reproduce.

I don’t need to write about the Withdrawal “Agreement” negotiated by Treason Mayhem, as enough about it has been said already. However, there are a number of things to touch upon that haven’t been covered by the press. The most important thing here is the clock, and as Michel Barnier said: “tick, tock, tick, tock”.

The Withdrawal Agreement, thanks to Dominic Grieve, requires a meaningful vote in the House of Commons – which by all accounts Theresa May is likely to lose quite heavily. This has been reaffirmed by the ruling from the ECJ that the UK can unilaterally revoke article 50, through a democratic process… i.e. a 2nd Referendum. One of the biggest elements here is no-deal, already legislated for in the EU Withdrawal Act, something remoaners in parliament want to stop. The ruling from the ECJ gives them the third choice above, in their words, the “false choice” between No Deal or Theresa’s Fudge.  To reiterate, this ruling from the ECJ has just made removed the fear from some MPs and will vote against Theresa’s fudge. In the likely event what happens next?

Bearing in mind the Government is already found to be in contempt of parliament, so logically, the House has no confidence in Theresa May or her ministers – a general election is already required. How can the house have confidence in a government in contempt of parliament? The fudge gets voted down. In order to revoke article 50, a general election is required to happen. Firstly, a second referendum is required and has to be legislated for through both Houses of Parliament, never mind the question the campaign and the vote – it requires a minimum of 22 weeks. There is also the general election which takes at least 6-8 weeks. Then, thank you Gina Millar, legislation has to be passed revoke article. 50. The EU Withdrawal Act 2018 and the Taxation [Cross-border Trade] Act 2018 would have to be repealed. The European Communities Act 1972 would have to be re-legislated for, as it has been repealed under the withdrawal act. No doubt, by this time the clock has run out. Regardless of the above and any changes to the withdrawal agreement, it still has to get passed by the European Parliament. Why would the European Parliament vote in favour of an agreement with the changes wanted by the House of Commons that disadvantages the EU?

Theresa May should have to resign this week! Most people sound like a broken record on predicting the fall of May, like Ambrose Evans-Pritchard predicting the fall of the Eurozone. Theresa May should have been gone way before now. A fudged general election campaign, incompetence of such a degree it makes Howling Laud Hope, (leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party) look Prime Ministerial, around thirty resignations from her ministry and found in contempt of parliament… HOW THE HECK IS THIS BLOODY WOMAN STILL PM?

What to expect in the coming weeks. Firstly, there won’t be a Tory leadership election, more of the same, with the usual wrangling and arguing over the Brexit until the clock ticks out.


So the PM cowardly pulls the vote in a deeply discourteous manner, and rightly gets pilloried for it. She had no chance of winning so she runs away… This would be the most May thing to do, and is she yet again misleading parliament? Having ministers telling the people that vote will go ahead and then pulls it at the last minute? Come on, this is just shameful. It is time the Wrong Dishonourable Theresa May was forced out of office!


As of 2200hrs 11th December 2018, it is believed that 48 letters are in… however, I still stand by my previous assertion that there won’t be a leadership election. Somehow that bloody woman will find a way of staying on. Despite she is contempt of parliament, she broken the ministerial code etc…. I could go on and on. What more does a PM have to do to get sacked???? I am baffled…


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